Chris Mulhall

Chris Mulhall

Founder & Chief Talent Officer

Chris has spent the last 20+ years immersed in the Talent Management industry, including senior leadership roles with Wealthsimple, Lightspeed, PointClickCare, BlackBerry, and Adecco. Chris is a Growth Coach and mentor with Communitech, and he provides advisory services to several start-ups and scale-ups in the tech industry.

Chris’s consulting and advisory roles span the full spectrum of talent, with areas of expertise focused on Employer Branding, Executive Recruitment, Workforce & Succession Planning, Talent Development, Organizational Effectiveness, and providing fractional Chief Talent Officer support.

Our Services

Executive Recruitment Support (Director level and above): Our expertise is in finding and engaging with candidates that are highly skilled in their craft, complement your culture, and are motivated by your Employer Value Proposition (EVP). 

Employee and Candidate Motivator Assessments: By leveraging our proprietary platform, we assess and compare employee and candidate motivators against your organization’s Employer Value Proposition. Synergies between employee motivators and your EVP directly correlate to higher employee engagement, performance, and retention. 

Employer Brand Consulting: Our proven four-step framework will improve your candidate throughput at the top and bottom of the recruitment funnel, amplify your employer brand awareness, and decrease your cost per hire. 

Talent Management Strategy: In support of high growth and high scale organizations, we provide a broad range of Organizational Development services, including org design, succession and workforce planning, and pre IPO talent planning.

Fractional Talent Acquisition Leadership: We provide short-term or interim executive leadership, coaching and mentoring of colleagues in the talent organization, and consulting support to CxOs on all things Talent.

About the Blog & Comics

In the Talent industry, there is an abundance of misconceptions, traditions, and absurdities that are rarely challenged and improved.

The blog and comics highlight the perils of deferring to conventional wisdom. If Chris’s content resonates with you and your organization, it’s time to revisit your talent management strategy.

About the Whiteboards

A whiteboard is a blank canvas to brainstorm, design, challenge, and collaborate. While the comics highlight a problem, the whiteboard is the first step in ideating a better product or solution. 

Whether it’s a physical or digital whiteboard, the intent is the same – to share and iterate on ideas. The name Whiteboard Talent underscores our belief that the talent industry is ready for disruption. Grab a smelly marker and contact us!


Chris Mulhall is a Talent Management Executive and the Founder of Whiteboard Talent. His mission is to challenge the status quo and encourage others to disrupt the Talent industry. Read more about Chris, his comic strips, and his affinity for whiteboards.

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