Chris Mulhall

My Story

I am grateful to have spent the last 20+ years immersed in the Talent Acquisition industry, including talent leadership roles with Adecco, BlackBerry, PointClickCare, and Lightspeed. I am also an advisor and mentor to high growth start-ups and scale-ups in the tech industry.

While my work and my speaking gigs span the full spectrum of talent, my areas of expertise are focused on Talent Attraction & Branding, Executive Recruitment, Workforce & Succession Planning, Talent  Development, and researching the Future of Work.

I graduated from McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, with a degree in Political Science and a Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resources.

I reside about an hour drive west of Toronto in Guelph, Ontario, with my wife, three kids, and a Golden Retriever that prefers to snack rather than retrieve. I’m a fan of all Toronto sports teams, taco Tuesday, and 90% of the shows that Netflix recommends to me.

You can connect with me on LinkedIn, Instagram, and subscribe to receive my semi-regular but not excessive blog posts.

About the Comics

Even with a concise format, a well-written comic shines a spotlight on the perils of conventional wisdom. The medium of a comic strip, often using as little real estate as a single panel, allows you to strip away the noise and challenge the status quo.

In the Talent industry, there is an abundance of misconceptions, traditions, and absurdities that are rarely challenged and improved. I’m less concerned about inducing a LOL from the reader, and would rather a smirk, head nod, or preferably, a call to action. 

About the Whiteboards

I love everything that a whiteboard stands for: a blank canvas to brainstorm, design, challenge, and collaborate. While my cartoons serve to highlight a problem, the whiteboard is the first step to unearthing a better product or solution. 

If I had to attend one meeting for the rest of my life, I would be in front of a blank whiteboard with a room full of eager contributors. Whether it’s a physical or digital whiteboard, the intent is the same – to share and iterate on ideas. I named this blog Whiteboard Talent because the talent industry is ready for disruption and innovation. It’s time to grab the marker!


Chris Mulhall is a Talent Acquisition Executive and the creator of Whiteboard Talent. He created this blog to challenge the status quo and encourage others to disrupt the Talent industry. Read more about Chris, his comic strips, and his affinity for whiteboards.

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